OMBC Higher Education Ministry

Program Information:

The Olivet Missionary Baptist Church offers support to those church members pursuing higher education in an accredited institution through its Higher Education Ministry Stipend Program. The program is for graduating high school students who have been accepted to and will be attending an institution of higher education. This program also extends to those who have already applied to the program and are continuing their education under the guidelines listed below until their graduation date. This program is not intended for graduate students pursuing higher degrees.

During the academic year, a seventy dollar ($70) bi-monthly stipend is given to all students who have registered and been accepted in the Stipend Program. Participants must register for this program prior to the beginning of each academic year of attendance at the College/University of the student’s choice.


  1. The student’s class schedule must be submitted prior to the second week of class.
  2. A copy of the student’s semester/quarter class schedule must be submitted at the end or beginning of each semester/quarter for continued support. (No exceptions)
  3. A 2.5 GPA is required to receive this support. The monthly stipend will be sent out on a bi-monthly basis beginning October through May of each school year.

Deadline: Submission of this form for the program is due no later than the 4th Sunday in September. Failure to submit the above items by the stated time may delay your monthly stipend or you may not receive a stipend for the time period the stipend is sent out.

Please include City/State/Zip
Expected month and year